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Your Pup's Home Away from Home!



Need a vacation? go and Let your dog vacation with us!

Needing a fun, safe and homey stay for your pooch while you are away? Give your dog more than just a treat, have them stay with us! All dogs get their own kennel with a cot, blanket, and plenty of room to lounge for the night. During the day they get access to one of our 3 yards where they can run, sniff, and play to their heart's content. We will update you with pictures of your pup every other day!

What you need for their stay:

  • Food in a secure container like a Tupperware or tin with clear instructions for quantity per meal.
  • Enough food for their entire stay as well as a little extra in case they get hungry.
  • Medications in their ORIGINAL prescription container, also with clear instructions of quantity and time of administration. 

Please leave at home:

  • Bowls and scoops (we have plenty here and we don't want them to get mixed up!)
  • High value toys like raw hides, marrow bones, dried meat sticks.

Pricing: ***

$45/night (one dog)

$80/night (two dogs)

$110/night (three dogs)

***Pricing will increase starting May 1st