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Your Pup's Home Away from Home!




All dogs must be vaccinated with the following immunizations:

  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo 
  • Lepto (optional but highly encouraged)

Spayed/ neutered

For many different reasons we require all dogs over the age of 10 months to be spayed or neutered. While it  not only prevents unwanted puppies, but in a group setting this will decrease the likelihood of unwanted advances, fights, and general unrest. We allow puppies as old as 10 months to attend while being un-spayed/un-neutered, but hold the right to suspend attendance once it interferes with the group dynamics.

Meet n Greet

While we think all dogs are good dogs, not all dogs belong in a group setting. We are not able to provide individual time with dogs that express consistent, overly aggressive or defensive behavior. When scheduling a meet n greet, our staff will encourage socialization to see if your dog will handle being in a group of dogs well.

Contact Form/Waiver (Required)

Please fill out this form and bring to your Meet n Greet Appointment along with copies of your dog's vaccination records! Note that your "Emergency Contact" should be a neighbor, family friend, or family member that does not typically travel with you when you are away.